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South Coast Design Forum

12 December, 2008

The SCDF is a non-profit organisation run for and by designers and creatives from all disciplines.

What is the SCDF?

Its aims are simple, but potentially far reaching:

  • To provide support, awareness and network channels for the South Coast as an area rich in designers, architects and creatives of all kinds.
  • To generate an authoritative and respected body whose skills are recognised and called upon by local authorities and business.
  • To provide strong links with education establishments to further raise standards and help create jobs for graduates and students.
  • To highlight these skills through the running of competitions and exhibitions.
  • To generally raise the awareness and expectations of the South Coast, to turn it about to face the future, whilst acknowledging the historical context of time and place.
  • To find local and regional solutions to improving the built environment, to incorporate new housing and businesses in a sustainable manner.
  • To look at the wider implications of climate change and energy decline, to seek solutions that provide viable and sustainable methods of working and living.


Park life

8 September, 2008

Neil Whitehead is a graduate 2008 from Ravensbourne Graphic Design.

This project was called Park


The ‘Park’ campaign has been designed as a preventative treatment for the rapidly increasing mental health and well-being issues faced by London’s financial district. Exposure to nature as well as relaxation, reflection and self-realisation
are vital elements of a healthy working lifestyle. ‘Park’ will provide employees with the time and
space to escape from the working environment.

You can check out the rest of his work here


Nice idea*

8 September, 2008

Here is an interesting approach to sustainable design, designed by Tim Fraser Brown.

A range of cardboard products that transform from package to product. Each box claims to contain
a product, but instead can be deconstructed and reconstructed inside out to become its contents.
No glue, tape or tools are required.


graphic design from the beach

8 September, 2008

With my first week complete at the University of Chichester I felt both excited and a little apprehensive. The people and the building are fabulous, the problem is how to convince students that it is worth completing their degree with us. It’s not London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds*

*Not in order of preference